Error messages when receiving emails - using Outlook. RRS feed

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    I've never posted anything on this forum before but I'm getting rather frustrated with a series of error messages I'm receiving when I receive an email.  I really hope someone can help me.

    I get an error message - as I will show below - but I also get a copy of the email as well.  So 2 messages for every email.

    This has only started to happen recently.  For many many years using my same email address and email software I have never received anything like this.

    The messages is as follows (btw I have no idea who or what billionresultz is?): 

    mx google rejected your message to the following email addresses:

    billionresultz  gmail 

    There's a problem with the recipient's mailbox. Please try resending your message. If the problem continues, please contact your email admin.

    mx google gave this message

    The email account that you tried to reach is disabled. Learn more at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    There is also a whole load of diagnostic information as well.

    Like I said at the beginning I get the error message when I receive an email.

    I would really appreciate it if someone can help point me in the right direction so I can sort this out.

    Mr D

    Friday, May 24, 2019 9:46 AM