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  • A few months ago I passed my final exam to complete my MCSD App Builder certification. When I was researching the certifications it was suggested that MCSDs needed to complete another exam each year to maintain the certification. I've got a few questions about the specific timing of taking those exams, and which exams qualify. I haven't been able to find an this information anywhere on my Learning Dashboard, which seems like the best place for it.

    My main questions are:

    1. How can I see when my certification will expire?
    2. Which steps do I need to take to renew my certification?
    3. If I take a test to renew my certification what impact does that have on the expiration date of my certification? (for example, I passed my last test Jan 12, 2018 so I'm assuming my expiration date is Jan 12, 2019. If I take another test this year, say Oct 1, does my new expiration date become Oct 1, 2019, or Jan 12, 2020? Or something completely different?)
    4. Exactly which exams qualify for recertification? Only exams from the elective list I haven't taken yet? I did the 70-483 exam in 2015, has the exam changed since then? C# sure has, so can I retake that? That definitely seems more relevant than 70-489 Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions.

    I don't expect anyone here to have the exact answers to my questions, but hopefully someone can direct me to where I can find this information.

    Friday, April 13, 2018 7:09 PM

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  • even I want to follow this...

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    Wednesday, May 2, 2018 8:54 AM
  • Check out, the FAQ section has this:

    Q. What is the difference between the new MCSD: App Builder specialty and the other MCSD specialties?
    A. The new MCSD certification is aligned to Centers of Excellence, used by the Microsoft Partner Network to identify technical competencies that are widely recognizable by both Microsoft partners and customers. This credential does not have a recertification requirement. Instead, the achievement date signifies how you keep up with changes to the technology. Every year, you have the opportunity to re-earn the certification by passing an exam from the list of electives, demonstrating your investment in broadening or deepening your skills in the Center of Excellence. Each time you earn the certification, a new certification entry is added to your transcript. This process replaces the existing recertification requirement of taking a specific recertification exam every two years to prevent your certification from going inactive.

    Q. What is the recertification requirement for all MCSD specialties other than MCSD: App Builder?
    A. To recertify your MCSD certification, you must pass the applicable recertification exam once every two years.
    Recertification exams cover material from the exams taken to originally earn the credential, with particular emphasis on the most recent product and process changes.

    I interpret this to mean the MCSD needs to be recertified/re-earned annually by passing an additional exam. Yay, not...
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    Monday, April 15, 2019 9:14 PM