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  • I am a long time user of MS Money.  I have MSM 2001 installed and running on a WinXP
    machine.  We all know MS stopped support of MSN a few years ago.  Now it appears
    they have finally shut off the one and only on line service I use - online stock
    quotes. I do not use other online services such as downloading transactions from
    banks and other financial services.
    I use MSM for tracking family finances - bank accounts, mortgage, auto and other
    loans and investments such as 401(k) and IRA accounts.  I could update stock and
    mutual fund accounts manually now that the online updates have been taken away, but
    that's somewhat of a pain.  So, I thought I'd see if some other software could
    either use or convert the MSM database.  
    I looked at Quicken.  It's website says it can convert MSM 2007 or 2008 datafiles
    and provides links to a free trial of MS Money Plus Home and Business.  
    Unfortunately, that version no longer exists.  The only version of MSM available is
    called the Sunset version, but the Quicken website makes no mention of it.
    I downloaded the Sunset version, copied my MSM 2001 datafiles to a different WinXP
    system, installed the Sunset version there and successfully converted the data files
    to the Sunset version.  So, my question now is, can Quicken read and convert this
    Sunset version datafile?  I sent an email to Quicken support but they only parroted
    what was already on their website (including the bad link) and never really
    addressed the issue.
    Hopefully, someone in the user community can answer this question for me. 
    Thanks for any help, and let me know if you have more questions.
    Tuesday, September 11, 2012 2:16 PM

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  • Yes. Quicken will need that Money Plus Sunset installed onto the same computer where it does the conversion, because it makes use of Money internals to pull off the conversion.

    May I suggest you consider PocketSense to feed broker transactions with closing prices, credit card transactions, once-per-day pricing from Yahoo of other stocks and funds that you select, and possibly even  bank transactions to Money Plus Deluxe Sunset or Money Plus Business Sunset.  That is what I use. The code is in Python -- an interpreter language-- so you could see the code. You have to run a program or script daily to get the quotes and transactions. I have Windows run a batch file daily at a chosen time. The main limitation is that Money remembers the first quote for a given security, so if you want Money to remember only closing prices, you have to get your quotes sometime after the market has been closed 20 minutes. Getting a quote that was right some time during the day is not a tragity, but closing prices are better. The quotes embeded in the OFX files from your broker are only closing prices.

    Money is still good at preparing your schedule D. I use a little Python script to pre-set the code that tells TurboTax whether a sell goes onto the A or B of 8949. That is not needed. You can just do  some fiddling in Turbotax to identify that. Or you can download schedule D info from your broker and enter other info by hand.

    HleOfxQuotes is another source of feeding daily quotes. It is written in Java-- source not provided. Besides Yahoo servers for quotes, can even use Financial Times quotes, which is particularly useful in the UK.

    For intra-day quotes, you would use what your broker provides, or some other service such as MSN Money (does not connect to Microsoft Money). Only some of the columns of the Portfolio will get data that way. http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/money/thread/60e14c6f-8a34-4f48-a286-69f9d6a62dfb discusses the portfolio columns that continue to be useful.

    Quicken may well be your best bet for what you want. They have a limited  money-back satisfaction/trial guarantee. You could try both in parallel for a while. https://qlc.intuit.com/app/full_page is their support forum.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2012 4:31 PM
  • Cal,

    Thanks for the response.  I looked at PocketSense at your suggestion.  Looks like it might be doable.  I don't download transaction data currently.  All I want are the online quotes.  I see PocketSense requires are least one download from an institution but I may be able to modify the python code to get around that.  (I'm an old UNIX/Linux admin and run Linux at home.  The only reason I've kept a WinXP box around is for MSM and the different WinXP system I mentioned above was actually a virtual machine I added to my Linux system just for testing this.)  Maybe I'll look at downloading data from the place that has my current 401(k) to start with and see how that goes.  If things don't work out then I'll consider converting to Quicken.

    Thanks again for the help

    Charlie Dennett

    Tuesday, September 11, 2012 7:02 PM
  • PocketSense does not require download from any of your financial institutions. "Out of the box" it just gets some quotes. However it is set up for USD currency and using a US server. You configure that in the sites.dat file using a regular text editor such as Notepad.

    However, your accounts are in CAD. See http://pocketsense.blogspot.com/2011/04/new-production-version-of-money-scripts.html#comments and search for CAD. I had contributed some code that was able to screen-scrape quotes from some Canadian fund that were not getting brought in the main way. Screen scraping tends to need to be adjusted at times. I have not got around to working on that lately. So test it out to see if enough work now to make it useful, and expect that there may be an update some day to increase those that work for you.

    If you can download from a credit card account, at least, it is nice IMO.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2012 12:54 AM
  • Cal,

    Thanks.  After reading the instructions on the blog and looking over the code, it looked to me like it needed at least one "site".  At least it looks like it prints out a message that says no account have been added.  No big deal.  I can deal with that if I have to.

    Not sure why you said my accounts are in CAD.  I'm in the US.  Rochester, NY area.  Everything I do is in USD.

    I know what you mean about screen scraping.  I used to work for a (then) Fortune 500 company on their corporate web site.  The only way we could at the time get our own stock quote was to scrape it of a web page.  Every time they changed the page I had to rewrite the code.



    Wednesday, September 12, 2012 12:23 PM