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  • I am using VS2008 and developing an application in C#-WinForms

    I have customized a tabcontrol by overriding the DrawItem(...) function. The idea is to have a different color for tab headers than what is available in "Normal" mode. The following were the 3 issues...

    1. The non client area of the tab control...i.e the top strip other than area where  the tab page headers are present is painted with (white) system color which i cannot change it. Therefore i used below code to fill it with my favourite color....No issues.....but whenever any dialogbox is overlapping on this area (non-client area), the area doesnt get refreshed, the client area of the tab pages gets refreshed properly. I am not sure what event i should handle and how to redraw the tabcontrol or is it just a simple property setting or should i overide some other function apart from DrawItem(...) to ensure proper refreshing etc...

    Rectangle rc = tabControl1.ClientRectangle;

    g.FillRectangle(tabNCBrush, rc);

    2. Whenever the form refreshes and the tabcontrol is redrawn, i could see that the non-client area is drawn with the system color (white) first and immediately changed to the custom color...this gives a frustrating flickering effect....How to avoid this flickering?

    3. Since i am overiding the DrawItem(...) method...when a tabpage is selected, the visual highlighting of the page header (i.e the tab) is awkward....i.e if you imagine the tab as a rectangular area, which it is now, the top and left border are thick white (system color) which gives a ugly look and feel.

    Suggestions and pointers to solutions will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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