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  • When you move a thread you have first a drop-down (with about 15 rows visible) wide box with a list of possible forums to move to. Under this you have a Reason box.

    This Reason box is extremely short (in width).

    That's fine if you are writing in a new reason every time, but when you start writing in a reason, the software offers you a choice of several earlier reasons (on the same PC). Because the reason box is so short I have often posted the wrong earlier reason because several earlier reasons are listed all of which start off in the same way and so the text that is visible in that short box is identical.

    So, for instance, I might have written something like

    "The XXX forum is the wrong forum for YYY questions."

    but also once written the more specific

    "The XXX forum is the wrong forum for YYY questions. In your case your question goes to the ZZZ forum because it deals with aaa"

    It's then rather embarrassing if the reason for the Move is given as that more specific answer (because the visible text is the same) which is in the usual cases not at all relevant. (and of course a feature of the software is that a moderator can't later edit the reason he/she gave for moving a post)

    Extending the width of the Reason box would solve that and similar problems and the room IS already available for such a widening of the box.

    Mike Walsh

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    Friday, March 5, 2010 7:01 AM