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  • I am not certain that this is the correct location for this request but hopefully someone will be either to help me or point me in the correct direction, I currently have a module that extracts a table into an Excel application and then this in turn is synced to a PDA.

    There is a compatibility problem with the export, after running the export Excel proper will happily load the sheet with no errors, the PDA on the other hand will only open the file after it has been opened by excel 2007 or earlier and saved. Excel does not error with any compatibility messages. I have tried the different versions of excel acspreadsheet but all are not viewable on the PDA. The PDA is brand new and has the latest versions of the viewers on.

    The code I am using is: -

    Function OutputCountFile()
    DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputTable, "tblCountInput for Export", acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, "O:\MODKITS\PI Checks\Output\tblCountExport.xls"
    End Function

    Any ideas?


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