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    Please make the "Select subfolders for..." window resizable.

    Please move the tick-boxes that selects/un-selects folders to the right hand side automagically.



    Currently the window you reach when clicking on "Select subfolders" in the "Change Options for ..." window is not resizable. In my case this means that the "Right folder" view (my "Left Folder" view is currently empty) has a scroll bar in the bottom. Sure, the scroll bar is fine when the contents of the "Right folder" view does not fit in the window. However I would prefer to be able to use the width of my monitor rather than the scroll bar when applicable.


    In my case the scroll bar allows me to scroll 6 pages to the right before reaching the end of my lengthy path names. Since the tick-boxes for which folders to include in the synchronization are at the far left I have to scroll to the right first to see the names of folders and then back to the left again to change whether it should not take part of the synchronization or not.


    One idea would be to move the tick-box from the left hand side for each folder name to the right hand side (in the same window) automagically when the left-hand side tick-box has been scrolled out from the visible area. You are obviously scrolling to the right to see the lowest directory depth part of the path name, having to scroll back again to unselect/select the directory is error prone since the window is not wide the unique parts of the pat name. You might end up selecting the wrong folder unless you scroll back and forth verifying that you did the correct thing.


    Sure, this is no big issue perhaps. But it would make the tool even more user friendly.

    I would highly appreciate it.


    Regards, Peter

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