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  • Hello,

    We've got a customer active in the constructing business.
    They want to use CRM Online 2013, just to keep track of:

    • Which customers/contractors received which relationship gift and how much + on which projects did we work with him?
    • A way to enter their projects, but on a simple way: 
      - project name, customer, contractors, year
      - customer
      - contractors
      - year
      - some simple fields
      I think a new entity would be the easiest way.
      We need an entity to know which projects have relations with which customer & contractor.
      So a customer/contractor can have multiple projects (N:1 ?)
    • Besides that, our customer also organizes events for contractors/customers, so we need to be able to:
      - create events
      - keep track of people who subscribed for the event
      - keep track of people who actually came to the event
      - select people to invite based on their interests
      For this I was thinking about campaigns.
      For their interests I was planning to create a limited amount of areas of interest with checkboxes on the contacts form.
      I don't quite know how to work with keeping track of who was invited and who was actually on the event.

    So basically what they want to know is: who did we send a relationship gift last year, how much, (so that they wouldn't receive less next year), and on which project(s) did we work with them + on which events was he or she invited and actually came to the event?

    What I've done so far are the simple things like editing the account/contact form, placing the areas of interest with checkboxes.
    I've created a new entity which is marked as 'activity entity' and tried to create a way of easily selecting contacts and placing them in some sort of a list. Purpose was to create a custom entity which would serve as an event and the invited people.
    Not sure if this is the right way.

    CRM is not our main business, so this is quite an advanced thing for us to do.
    Suggestions which set us in the right direction are more than welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thursday, October 16, 2014 6:57 AM

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  • Hi,

    If I understand you right, the customer has two main requirements:

    1- Project management system

    2- Event management system

    Although CRM is not designed to handle these systems, but you could easily find a bunch of solutions to import in CRM about both of the requirements. I am not in the side of the developing both of the solutions by yourself, because it is very time consuming (specially in the project management case!), and you hardly can develop a solution as well as those in the market.

    So, my suggestion is to search for solutions ("project management solution for dynamcis crm" or "event management solution for dynamics crm") and use them. If some requirements of the customer could not be handled by the 3rd party solutions, then you could customize it a little.

    Persian Dynamics CRM Community | انجمن متخصصان فارسی زبان

    Thursday, October 16, 2014 1:28 PM
  • Well it's not a full blown project management module they need.

    They've got their ERP software.
    All they need is the ability to create 'projects', which is nothing more than some textfields and the ability to link contacts to those projects.

    Thursday, October 16, 2014 1:33 PM
  • We did something very similar for a client in the health care industry.  Some suggestions below:

    • If contractors cannot also be customers, I would just change the contact entity to have a contact type (customer/contractor).  Also agree with adding those checkboxes for the interests.
    • Create a new Projects entity with those basic fields.  Have a N:N relationship between projects and contractors/customers.  You can have many customers to many projects or many contractors to many projects.  Be careful with this as it may complicate reporting and may need to make a junction entity CustomerContactorProject and add the relationship to what each customer and each contractor was on that specific project.  Without knowing reporting needs I can't recommend which way to do this (OOB N:N relationship or custom junction entity).
    • Utilize Campaigns to track events.  You can track who attended an event through the campaign response.  If you do a search online about event handling with campaigns in CRM 2013 you'll come up with the process to utilize.  
    • Create another entity for relationship gifts.  This entity will contain the type of gift, and the amount.  Make the relationship between Contacts and relationship give 1:N (one contact to many gifts).  This way you can easily report and total up the number of gifts provided to a contact.

    If your struggling with campaigns and their use, you could always create a custom entity for Events and simplify the process.

    Friday, October 17, 2014 1:52 PM
  • lol that was exaclty what I'm doing :)

    Using the campaigns to track events is jsut great.
    I'll create marketing lists which are equal to the fields of interest.
    So 5 fields of interest, are 5 marketing lists.
    I'll set them to dynamic, and automatically every contact which has a certain field of interest ticked, is added to the list.

    That's just great!
    The only thing I still don't know is how I can easily keep track of who confirmed their presence.
    I tried campaign responses but then they'd have to enter the contacts 1 by 1.

    Furthermore I'm struggling to get those checkboxes enabled.. IT just won't work :(

    See here:

    You have them working?

    Friday, October 17, 2014 2:00 PM
    • Create another entity for relationship gifts.  This entity will contain the type of gift, and the amount.  Make the relationship between Contacts and relationship give 1:N (one contact to many gifts).  This way you can easily report and total up the number of gifts provided to a contact.

    I'm struggling here.
    They've only got 3 types of gifts:

    • 2 bottles champagne
    • 3 bottles champagne
    • 6 bottles champagne

    That's quite ok, but they've got a ton of customers. Now I can image the person who has to put all this in CRM, doesn't want to add the gift given to a customer, one contactperson at a time.
    So I need a way to be able to 'bulk' add a type of gift to a lot of contactpersons.
    I still need to figure out based on what, someone gets 2, 3 or 6 bottles.

    Furthermore they want to be able to see on the contactpersons's form, the 'history' of how much bottles he or she received last year.

    So I'm thinking it should be something similar like adding a contactperson through the account form, using that standard sub-grid.
    I think that would work, but then I need a way to do that in bulk.

    any tips?

    Thursday, October 23, 2014 12:50 PM