The WHS team should talk to the Live Mesh team RRS feed

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  • Yesterday, I got invited to the Live Mesh tech preview. Must say I like what I see. Pretty nifty. The WHS team should work on supporting Live Mesh, so you can add your WHS as a storage device to the mesh. Right now MS gives you 5GB of cloud storage. One should be able to add the WHS storage pool to that and use it for sharing documents. This obviously overlaps with the remote file access currently in WHS. The other thing is how come the Live Mesh team figured out that by using the remote assistance feature in windows instead of remote desktop, they can provide remote desktop access to all flavors of windows. Why does WHS use the remote desktop component and therefore limit the feature to only windows flavors that ship with the remote desktop feature or one has to hack Vista Home Premium to get it to work. Connecting to a remote device in Live Mesh is a lot faster, too. Just mouse over the Live Mesh tray icon and click on "Connect to device" next to the machine you wanna connect to. No need to open up a browser, login and then connect like you have to do with WHS. One can still go to www.mesh.com and connect from there as well if you are working on a computer that hasn't been added to your mesh.

    Wednesday, June 4, 2008 4:32 PM


  • Live Mesh storage: You should make (after searching for/voting on) a suggestion on Connect. It's not a bad idea, though I believe it's going to be up to the Live Mesh team to provide the functionality you're looking for.

    Remote Desktop: The Windows Home Server team uses the Remote Web Workplace functionality built in to Small Business Server. That requires remote desktop support on the clients for RDP proxying to work. Live Mesh works by having every PC with the software installed "phone home" to a server in the cloud on a regular basis (probably fairly frequent). This is required because of how Remote Assistance works; the Remote Desktop connection you're making from your PC at work through Live Mesh is initiated by the PC you're connecting to. If that PC didn't contact the Live Mesh servers, it wouldn't know to initiate the connection. (The actual handshake is rather more complex than that; I think there's some documentation on it on the Microsoft Support or TechNet web site.) I think the RWW (i.e. WHS) methodology is a bit more secure/robust, personally.
    Wednesday, June 4, 2008 6:32 PM