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  • This is going to come off like a rant. But it's actually a valid question.

    Why do companies, large Enterprise Facing, Enterprise Serving "Technology" companies.... Like Microsoft (and others) insist on trying to push users into buckets of vague default KB articles and links ( like the ones on this forum ) without first doing any work and actually looking into .... read "communicating" with users to first understand the users need?

    Real support is communication. Not skimming over a post and sending generic responses and calling yourself a "moderator".

    Thoughts? Any room for improvement here?

    Wednesday, September 6, 2017 9:00 AM

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  • Microsoft don't directly send people to support forums here, or even first tier of "paid support". They're outsourced to other companies. (Occasionally some Microsoft staffs may appear in the tech. forums here, but usually because we paid users asked question in those monitored forums but not getting any response in 2 business days, so the question got escalated. Other than these, they come to technical forums on their own will - not assigned by Microsoft)

    I'd say most of these outsourced moderators (I'll add that there's other kind of moderators, like MVP/MCC, or those applied when Microsoft experiments recruiting "lesser privileged moderators who can just mark answers" on forums) don't have the required expertise to give tailor-made answer to questions when starting their job here (honestly they can find better paid jobs when they gained enough expertise and display their skillset here). Some will improve over time but some show little improvement. But I don't think Microsoft or even these outsource companies have too much control on that - even software vendors often hire incompetent staffs from time to time because they don't assign staffs doing actual work to verify the candidate's skill.

    In the end, the question may boil down to whether Microsoft is willing to pay big money to compete with other companies for top talent, and then assign these "direct hires" to do support here instead of sending them to development teams.

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