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  • Hi All,

    I am generating the report Using Fetch XMl Query CRM online 2015.

    I have  related Primary entity call as (Quotation) and related entity call as  (Transaction User)

    Quotation entity is related with Transaction User entity attribute .

    Quotation entity have lookup of Tranaction User

    Quotation entity have single Line text - Reference User

    Reference user and Trancaction user codes  from the  Transaction User Table.   I am using grouping Reference user  need to get corresponding First Name and Last Name. but it's takeing the Transaction User First name and Last Name.  please suggest it how to get it SSRS Reports

    <fetch version="1.0" output-format="xml-platform" mapping="logical" distinct="true" >
        <entity name="abc_salesbranch" >
            <attribute name="abc_name" />
            <attribute name="abc_branchcode" />
            <attribute name="abc_salesbranchid" />
            <attribute name="abc_district" />
            <attribute name="abc_area" />
            <order attribute="abc_name" descending="false" />
            <filter type="and" >
                <condition attribute="abc_area" operator="eq" value="@Area" />
                <condition attribute="statecode" operator="eq" value="0" />
            <link-entity name="abc_insurancequotation" from="abc_salesbranchid" to="abc_salesbranchid" alias="bw" >
                <filter type="and" >
                    <condition attribute="abc_applicationcompleteddate" operator="on-or-before" value="@EndDate" />
                    <condition attribute="v_applicationcompleteddate" operator="on-or-after" value="@StartDate" />
                    <condition attribute="abc_originatingpolicyid" operator="null" />
                    <condition attribute="abc_policystatus" operator="eq" value="110090004" />
                <attribute name="abc_totalprice" />
                <attribute name="abc_policynumber" />
                <attribute name="abc_insuranceproduct" />
                <attribute name="abc_applicationcompleteddate" />
                <attribute name="abc_transactionagentstaffid" />
                <link-entity name="v_portaluser" from="mcsuk_portaluserid" to="abc_transactionuserid" alias="bx" >
                    <attribute name="abc_agentcode" />
                    <attribute name="abc_firstname" />
                    <attribute name="abc_lastname" />

    Monday, February 22, 2016 2:06 AM