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  • I have a collection of photos office documents, and PDFs spread across 2 Win 7 clients and a Windows Home Server.        XMP metadata for title, description, and keywords have been added to each file and display in the details pane of the Explorer.  They are also fully exploited by my photo management software.

    When I search on a folder on my local machine, I can filter by keyword/tag but when I do that for WHS volumes, it only finds documents -- no images.   If leave off the keyword delimiter, Windows Search returns every WHS  file with the term used everywhere but as keyword -- including the path!   I've tried every variation I can think of -- keyword, keywords, tag, tags, using a colon or an equal sign -- but it makes no difference.

    To summarize:

    Local search using "keyword:<term>" finds all files (documents and images) with the term in the keyword/tag field

    Library search (which includes WHS volumes) using "keyword:<term>" ) only finds WHS documents that satisfy the criterion

    Library search using "<term>" finds everything else associated with the term (title, contents, path, etc.) but not files with the keyword

    Why is Windows Search finding WHS documents using the metadata but not images?  Is this a limitation of the indexing on the WHS/Windows Server 2003?  If so, can I install an alternate iFilter for TiFFs and JPEGs from somewhere that will expose the fields to the indexer or is it just a lost cause?

    If it's hopeless on WHS, does WHS 2011 do it differently?   I have the software but never stepped up to changing, solving this problem might be a reason to bite the bullet.



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  • Adding filters isn't particularly easy, and there's no guarantee that you'll even find a filter for your particular media files and tags. So I would not attempt that route with Windows Home Server V1.

    However, Windows Home Server 2011 includes much better (more complete) media indexing, and those indexes are searchable from your client computers exactly as you describe. It will have basically the same capabilities and limitations as Windows 7 in this regard.

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)

    Thursday, April 5, 2012 12:37 AM