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  • Hi hope someone could help me to better understand how to proceed in the following situation.

    We are using peer to peer scenario with custom providers created as in the Server Provisioning Template in the sync doc.

    Often I've to change sync meta and scopes, because I'm working on a project where we are adding new tables to be syncronized.

    To correctly allign the sync infrastructure in our early product betas we have chosen to completely rebuild the peer dbs, dropping every peer exept for a main peer that acts as a hub peer, recreating table structures, create provisioning meta items and repeat downloadupload sync for every peer.

    In a production scneraio i think there could be a more efficient way to reallign peers.

    What could I do if I've two peers with previously syncronized content and now I've to add some new tables? Or simply I want to reallign peers after a sync problem (often I get some othe problems: enumerating changes returns some insert/mod/del and no updates are executed!)? Is a good solution the following:
    1) remove every sync meta (tombstones, sync scopes and so on)
    2) restore every peer to have only my table contents,
    3) recreate sync meta for existin dat ain databases
    4) run a download/upload sync beetween peers expecting that a tthe end of a full dwn/upld running a new full dwn/upld sync there will be 0 rows to be processed

    Many thanks in advance to anyone would help me.


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  • Hi Piero,

    Your steps would work. However I am interested in finding out the sync problems you mention. Are these due to some issues that encounter in sync which prevent you from making progress and hence need to reset the peers? If so what happens and what are the scenarios.

    Additionally, how much data do you have in the database?
    Rmeember that when you start resetting all the peers and sync for the first time, since you have restored the database on all peers, you may get false conflicts you have to handle. And if you start with a fresh database with no data, then the peer that has been restored (where you will initialize from) will send all the data down. And depending on how much data you have, the initial sync could take time.

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    Saturday, December 5, 2009 4:18 AM