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  • i find this to be a major prob. ever 90 days this program gose out and checks your hard drive for all microsoft software and check to see if it legal. the prob is the microsoft has no rights to surch a harddrive for any content.  when all the music stuff went to cort it was stated that the harddrive and software on it bleong to that person, and there for was protecked agesnt search with out a warrent.  Microsoft and declear them selfs to police the software. and more then that they stepping on the law by doing such searchs. i seen error logs when this gos bad and you be admaize at the information it dose collect.  it tells them all microsoft software on the pc, i tells them in product id code. tells them the admin name that is log on at the time of the scan and the sid account.  i am unsure why microsoft is doing this as its been hack. its useless for throse that wish to hack a system, now my quistion is if my system is legel on day one why dose micorsoft find the need to check it every 90 days. do they think i going to turn a leagle os in to a hack system ???   the other quistion is of law what makes microsoft above the law.  who made them the police in all this, there is other ways to provent software from being hack and would in it self be unbreakable. but microsoft dosent seam to understand what ever the code they make some one will leak it out... i do a better job at this then most of them all not hard people.... one these days some one will take microsoft to cort over this and will end.  but in the meen time we have to put up with it or go to linux.  witch i am considering, but i ask one thing when you let any one step on a law then you alow them to step on every ones rights,  this not about if my software is leagle or not its about dose microsoft have the right to scan the content of my harddrive with out my consent



    Monday, March 7, 2011 6:22 PM