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  • WGA kit cost 149 dollars. I know WGA is to "protect" MS and their software which is a great idea but MS should think about the many people that honestly walked into a bad situation maybe bought a used PC or had their copy lifted at a repair shop or key just stolen. These people will have to turn around and give MS 149 more of their dollars. I know it is impossible to tell between a legitimate XP user and a software pirate but I feel that MS could have came up with a better solution to help people that may not be able to afford this option right away. I have a copy of XP PRO I got via MSDN student network and it wont validate but i will not pay MS for a key i choose to just not use WMP 11. I can update with all the latest updates from MS update website, and it validates when I run the WGA tool and my log doesnt show that is a block VLk it isnt a volume type to begin it shows that it is retail. I guess i will have to endure the occasional WGA bubble only to click and validate on the WGA website

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