Interrupted install, temp files left on desktop, can't resume, and now can't access my usual wireless network RRS feed

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  • I received the WGA update just as I was trying to leave town, so after it downloaded and started scanning the system and appeared to take forever, I cancelled the scan so I could do the work that I had to do. After returning and rebooting the computer, I found the following files on my desktop: ~$ller Packet.rtf, ~$yer Packet.rtf, and ~WRL1692.tmp.

    I can no longer access the internet through my wireless network (it gets stuck trying to acquire a network address.) I did all of the common things like attempting to 'Repair' the network connection (that also hangs trying to obtain a network address), running the network wizard and creating a whole new network with a new password, etc - still doesn't work.

    I believe that the problem was caused by my interrupting the inital validation scan. How can I restart the scan? Or can I delete everything and start over? Keep in mind that I can't access the internet to download anything else. This post was sent from my MAC, which DOES work.

    Sunday, April 8, 2007 3:17 AM