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  • I've recently switched to MS Office 365 64 bit in order to take advantage of the additional ram in my computer. The main drawback is that, where before, in Office 2010 64 bit, I could use VBA to call ASC Sequel queries from within Office apps, Office 365 64 bit does not play well, or at all, with this method.  I've learned how to set up scripts in ASC Sequel to run my queries and save the output as csv files that I can link my spreadsheets to.  The catch is, I have 15 - 20 different queries I run every day.  I need a way to schedule these to run during the early morning hours so the data is available for me to use as soon as I arrive.  Below is one of the scripts that I have set up to run two different queries from my work computer, connected to our network.  This script does exactly what I want it to, as long as I open ASC Sequel and run it manually.  I've tried using the "Schedule" option in ASC Sequel, but something causes it to blow up.  Our IT department is either mystified or not interested, not sure which.  If I could use Task Scheduler to "manually" call and run the script, it should work.  Any help would be appreciated.




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  • Sorry but this is not a VBA forum.  VBA is not a scripting language.  Post int he VBA forum for Office.  For issues with third party tools post in the vendors forums.


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