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  • I have been dying to write Microsoft about this problem ever since I bought the Sprint Mogul (6800). MS Voice Command 1.6 does not work the same way it did on the PPC-6700.  I paid for this program and I am totally annoyed that it doesn't work the same way it does on my 6700. First of all it doesn't announce anything, (email, text, caller id etc...) My bluetooth looses connection with the phone even if I am right next to the phone. I cannot use VC 1.6 to make a call using the bluetooth headset. I can place a call without the headset, but I bought the program for use with my bluetooth. The only way to make a call using the BT headset is by turning off confirmation. So you better hope that when you give the command to call such and such that the phone gets it right the first time or you will have to stop the call. If you are driving this is not always feasible. Microsoft what is being done to fix this issue? I would email you directly about this but I don't know to whom to send this email.  Is there a patch for this yet? Is there an update to MS VC 1.6 yet? I want this fixed pronto.

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007 3:04 PM