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  • WRITE -WordPad.
    WSCRIPT -Script Hosting Settings.
    WUPDMGR -Windows Update Manager.
    WMIMGMT.MSC -Windows Management Infrastructure.
    WINVER -Tells About Windows License And a Little System Information.
    WINMSD -System Information.
    MSINFO32 -Detailed System Information.
    WINMINE -Mine Game.
    WINHLP32 -Opens Help File Of Specified Program.
    WINCHAT -Chat With Other Computer On Internet Or LAN. WIAACMGR -Camera And Scanner Utility.
    VERIFIER -Driver Verification Utility (Not turned off automatically).
    VERIFIER /RESET -Ends Driver Verification.
    UTILMAN -Utility Manager.
    USERINIT -Opens Folder Tab Under ‘My Document’.
    TSSHUTDN -System Shut Down (in 60 sec.) Utility.
    TSDISCON -Exits (Not Logs Off) Current User.
    TOURSTART -Xp Tour.
    TLNTSVR -Starts Telnet Server.
    TCMSETUP -Telephone Client Help.
    TASKMGR -Task Manager.
    SYSKEY -XP Account Database Additional Encryption. SSMYPICS.SCR -Screen Saver With ‘My Picture’ Folder.
    SPIDER -Spider Solitaire Game.
    SOL -Solitaire Game.
    SNDVOL32 -Volume Control.
    SNDREC32 -Sound Recording Utility.
    SIGVERIF -File Signature Verification.
    SHRPUBW -Shared Folder Creation Wizard.
    SERVICES.MSC -Services’ Utility.
    SECPOL.MSC -Local Security Setting.
    SECEDIT -Security Configuration Management Help File. SC -CMD Program To Communicate With NT Service Controller.
    RUNDLL32 -Start Specified DLL.
    NETSHARE -Sharing Session.
    RSOP.MSC -Resultant Set Of Policy.
    REGEDIT -Registry Editor.
    RASPHONE -Network Connection.
    PERFMON -Enhanced Performance Monitor.
    PACKAGER -Object Packager.
    OSK -On Screen Keyboard.
    ODBCAD32 -ODBC Data Source Management.
    NTMSOPRQ.MSC -Removal Storage Operator Request Management. NTMSMGR.MSC -Removal Storage Management.
    NTBACKUP -Backup Utility.
    NOTEPAD -Notepad.
    NSLOOKUP -Default Server Information.
    NETSETUP -Network Setup Wizard.
    MSTSC -Remote Desktop Connection.
    MSPAINT -Microsoft Paint.
    MSHEARTS -Hearts Game.
    MPLAY32 -Media Player And Editor.
    MOBSYNC -Synchronizing Tool.
    MMC -Microsoft Management Console.
    MAGNIFY -Magnifier.
    LUSRMGR.MSC -Local User And Group Management.
    LOGOFF -Log Off.
    LABEL X: -Create label For X Drive.
    IEXPRESS -Iexpress Wizard.
    GPEDIT.MSC -Group Policy Editor.
    FTP -CMD FTP Client.
    FSQUIRT -Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard.
    FSMGMT -Shared Folder Management.
    FREECELL -FreeCell Game.
    EVENTVMR -Event Viewer.
    EUDCEDIT -Private Character Editor.
    DXDIAG -DirectX Diagnosis Tool.
    DVDPLAY -Open WMP For DVD Playback.
    DRWTSN32 -Dr. Watson.
    DISKMGMT.MSC -Disk Management Service.
    DFRG.MSC -Disk Defragmenter.
    DEVMGMT.MSC -Device Management.
    DCOMCNFG -Component Services.
    CONTROL -Control Panel.
    COMPMGMT.MSC -Component Management.
    COMP -File Comparison.
    CMD -Command Prompt.
    CLIPBRD -Clipboard Viewer.
    CLICONFG -SQL Server Client Network Utility.
    CLEANMGR -Disk Cleaner.
    CLEANMGR /SAGESET:99 -Automatic Disk Cleanup Utility.
    CIADV.MSC -Indexing Service.
    CHKDSK X: -Disk Checking Utility For Drive X.
    CHARMAP -Character Map.
    CERTMGR.MSC -File Certificate Manger.
    CALC -Calculator.
    ACCWIZ -Accessibility Wizard.

    ACCESS.CPL -Accessibility Option.
    APPWIZ.CPL -Add/Remove Program Utility.
    DESK.CPL -Desktop Property.
    FIREWALL.CPL -Firewall Setting.
    HDWWIZ.CPL -Add Hardware wizard.
    INETCPL.CPL -Internet Property.
    INTL.CPL -Region And Language Setting.
    JOY.CPL -Game Controller Setup.
    MAIN.CPL -Mouse Property.
    MMSYS.CPL -Sound Property.
    NCPA.CPL -View Network Connection.
    NETSETUP.CPL -Network Setup Wizard.
    NUSRMGR.CPL -Account Management.
    ODBCCP32.CPL -ODBC Data Source Administrator.
    JPICPL32.CPL -JAVA Plug-in Control Panel.
    POWERCFG.CPL -Power Option.
    SYSDM.CPL -System Property.
    TELEPHON.CPL -Phone And Modem Property.
    TIMEDATE.CPL -Date And Time Property.
    WSCUI.CPL -Windows Security Center.
    WUACPL.CPL -Automatic Update Setting.
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