WHS Re-install stops cold at "archiver" RRS feed

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  • For various reasons, I had to re-install (or attempt to, at this point) my WHS on the server. I tried the restoreCD.iso thing but that didn't work. According to some of the threads, apparently I was supposed to run that from a client, not the server. Well, I didn't know that and didn't see any instructions stating I should restore from a client pc. Anyway, the re-install worked okay until it gets to the Finalizing Installation section of the WHS Install page. I get a window which states:

    Restoring the archiver data failed: Cannot complete this function (error code 0x800703eb).

    The Server 2003 software is installed and running fine. I did 317MB of updates to the server software last night. However, I can't get past this pesky little problem listed above. Can anyone provide info getting past this?

    I'm only hesitant to re-install it again because the first time I had to call Microsoft and get a new key validation number, one of those 40-digit monsters. Last night when I re-installed it, I was able to use the Internet and activate (and validate) the software without the phone call. I'm concerned that I'll have to go through the phone thing again and that Microsoft will give me a "pirate software" decision.

    Thanks in advance.
    Monday, April 27, 2009 9:14 PM


  • Probably you removed the installation disk before installation was completely finished. If yes, please make sure the install DVD remains in place until WHS install has finished. 

    Possibly you can still finish setup if you pop in the WHS installation disk and reboot the server (from hdd). Please note that the final stage of a server reinstall may take a long time, depending on the amount of data present on your server.

    If it's a clean install (not a server reinstall in which retains data present on the old data disks) I would advise you to do a fresh install anyway. Also please note you can install and run the server for 30 days without activating.

    Restore CD is only for client restore. If you have built your own box booting from install media is the correct procedure for reinstallation of the server. Some OEM's have customized reinstall procedure that should be initiated from the client (since these boxes often don't have DVD drive)

    Wednesday, April 29, 2009 10:23 AM