multiple network adapter weirdness RRS feed

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  • I don't know that this is a suggestion per se but I was just working through how to remove computers from WHS. I stumbled upon a registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Home Server\Transport\Clients that contains a list of keys that in turn contain information about the clients (and yes, removing these keys seems to remove clients from WHS). Anyway, what I noticed was that several of my clients were using the IP and MAC of their VPN adapter and not the physical network adapter. That kind of got me thinking that WHS should prompt for which adapter to use when it finds multiple ones. I'm guessing that I can change the IP and MAC to point to the adapter I want to use but mucking through the registry to do that doesn't seem ideal.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
    Wednesday, February 28, 2007 7:58 PM