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  • Hello,

    I am using N tier architecture for synchronization for my mobile application. For now I am just using 1 table named Inventories in the bi-directional synchronization.

    Inventory table has PK as int type. Its not an auto-incrementing value. The way I manage PK is a lookup table that stores the latest value of the PK. So I do an insert on client that inserts some random PK value for the table and then before inserting anything on the server in my web service I use following code to look up the latest value and modify the datatable object:

        public SyncContext ApplyChanges(SyncGroupMetadata groupMetadata, DataSet dataSet, SyncSession syncSession)
            //now go to tblIdGenerator and grab the latest value from there
            SqlConnection serverConnection = new SqlConnection();
            serverConnection.ConnectionString = ConnString;
            //Get the new ID value from the table
            SqlCommand getIDCmd = new SqlCommand();
            getIDCmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
            getIDCmd.Connection = serverConnection;
            getIDCmd.CommandText = "Select CurrentID from tblIDGenerator where ObjectType='Other'";
            object objInvID = getIDCmd.ExecuteScalar();
            _invID = System.Convert.ToInt32(objInvID);
            for (int count = 0; count < dataSet.Tables["InventoryTest"].Rows.Count; count++)
                _invID = _invID + 1;
                DataRow row = dataSet.Tables["InventoryTest"].Rows[count];
                row["Inv_ID"] = _invID;

            getIDCmd.CommandText = "Update tblIDGenerator set [CurrentID]=@InvID where [ObjectType]='Other'";
            getIDCmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@InvID", _invID);

            return _serverProvider.ApplyChanges(groupMetadata, dataSet, syncSession);

    However when I synchronize, I do not see this change in PK on the client. The client still stores the older value of PK even though I am using bi-directional synchronization.

    I would really appreciate if someone can point to what I am doing wrong here.



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