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  • Before: In the old design there was a sort of overwiew page, where all Forums (ordered by categories) were listed.

    When somebody posted on the wrong Forum for his problem, I just would go to the overview page, copy the link and post it. Also misposts were rather rare (about 1-2 every other day), even on something as central as the Visual C# Forum (wich I now asume was because the Overview existed).

    The page could also be used to acess differnt langauge forums. Unlike any other page, changing the interface language changed the links to the native forum for that language. It's wasn't prefectly working (picking Portugal/Portugese failed, but Barzil/Portugese worked). Sometimes people would post on the wrong forum and wrong language, so I could just let google-translate figure out thier post's language and drop them a link.

    Now: New Design, the overview page does not exists anymore.

    In order to figure out the link for a specific forum, I have to look through my threads (some of the threads I answered too were moved to the proper forum) or this page and hope I find a link to the forum within 10 pages. Wich is really not helping me when helping others.
    Also, missposts got a lot more common. To about a dozen/day on the Visual C# Forum. And most often they even are ASP questions, with the user never having a chance to realise that there is no ASP-Subforum here. The second most common are WPF related question, for wich there is a Sub-Forum (that now nobody can find easily).

    And if somebody uses the wrong language, there is no way for me (that I found yet) to get them links to thier Langauge forums.

    On a unrelated note, it is also seemingly impossible to add or remove Forums from the MyForums Page. At least I found no menu point or link for it anywhere.

    So could we please get the overview page back?

    P.S.: I would have prefered to make this a discussion, but for some reason I cannot change the Thread type on this Forum (seems to work on other Forums).

    Let's talk about MVVM: Please mark post as helpfull and answers respectively.

    Thursday, July 25, 2013 8:56 PM


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