How to allow a user to browse the pictures in the Media Library but not able to browse your pictures? RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I got my Windows Home Server 2011 setup. Created a new user for myself to have read/write permission. I'm able to access my WHS from work via the web. When I'm logged onto my WHS through the web, I'm able to see Computers, Links, Shared Folders and Media Library boxes. In the Media Library box, I'm able to browse all the pictures that I put in the Pictures folder in the D drive. So far so good.


    I created a new user, eg. userb, i set that user to not have access to the Pictures folder in the D drive. However, the user is still able to Browse the pictures in the Media Library box when he/she logs into WHS with userb account.

    I removed the media option for userb in the Remote Web Access property and only grant the user to have read access to a UserB folder. When the user logs on, he/she can only see Computer, Links and Shared Folders boxes. The user can navigate through the folder that I gave permission too. Thats fine! The problem is, how can the user view the images without downloading it? 

    When I log in with my account and browse through the pictures in the Media Library, I am able to get into a Silverlight picture viewer. I want the userb to have to same option. 


    thank you.

    Thursday, May 5, 2011 10:57 PM