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  • The SSL certificate called "OEM software (23402)" belongs to an adware called Fastbeat.  Fastbeat.exe adware is often NOT detected with Spybot, or antivirus, or Malware removal applications.  The SSL certificate installs itself as a parent in the certificate path for nearly all your web sites you visit.  That's how you end up with unwanted ads on sites that don't even carry ads.  When the SSL certificate expires, like it did for me, the web sites will present as "certificate error" with a likely recommendation not to proceed to the site.  And even if you proceed to the site, the site will not load correctly and will be unreadable.

    Solution:  To fix this, you need to remove the SSL certificate "OEM software (23402)"  from the Trusted Root Certificate panel in the MMC control.  (Do a search on internet for steps to perform this for your operating system).  Then you have to go into the Windows Control panel and Uninstall Fastbeat.  Then restart your PC. 

    If you restart your PC before uninstalling Fastbeat, the expired SSL certificate will reinstall.  You must uninstall Fastbeat before restarting your PC.

    So, you may ask how did I figure this out?  After two weeks of research and even unsuccessful help from Microsoft Support Chat, I discovered that the SSL certificate had a start date of 04/13/15 and expiration of 01/07/18.  I decided to search in Windows Control Panel for any software that I loaded or was inadvertently loaded to my pc starting 04/13/15.  It was not a coincidence that Fastbeat was loaded exactly on 04/13/15.  I did a quick search on the internet on the application and found out it was adware that I did not need.

    Hope this helps. 

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