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  • I am using visual studio express on a windows 8.1.  I am getting a 404 error when I try to load the site. It use to work and now it isn't. The problem is adding the name Bumples connection site two times which I need to do.  How do I rewrite it so that it works. If I take one out then my default does not work.Below is part of the program showing the problem.

    Thanks Jen

    <?xml version="1.0"?>

        <section name ="bumplesMagazine" type="EP.BumplesMagazine.BumplesMagazineSection, __code"/>
      <bumplesMagazine defaultConnectionStringName="BumplesConnectionString">
        <contactForm mailTo=""/>
        <newsletters fromEmail="" fromDisplayName="Bumples Magazine" />
        <store sandboxMode="false" businessEmail="" />
        <!-- Local -->
        <add name="BumplesConnectionString" ( here is the problem)
             connectionString= "Server=server3000; Database=BumplesDataBase; uid=SERVER3000\Junior; Trusted_Connection=True;"
        <!-- Remote -->
        <add name="BumplesConnectionString" (here is the problem.
             connectionString="; Database=27534_BumplesDatabase; User Id=27534_login; Password=9u3673s!; Trusted_Connection=False;"
          <!-- <smtp deliveryMethod="Network"> 
          <smtp deliveryMethod="PickupDirectoryFromIis" from="">
            <network defaultCredentials="true" host="(localhost)" port="25" />
          <smtp from="">
            <network host="" password="gr!77y09" userName=""/>

    Jennifer Sheehan

    Monday, November 3, 2014 10:10 PM