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  • Windows Live One Care (trial period) came with my Qwest high speed internet service.  I have elected not to subscribe to Windows Live One Care, so I let it expire.  However, it still remains on my system though I do not believe it is providing security services, since it now indicates my computer is at risk.  There was not way that I could see before it expired to tell you that I am not subscribing, althought there were an untold number of messages urging me to do so.

    My other security service has been McAfee.  It has been installed on my computer the entire time that Windows Live One Care has been on it. McAfee has been telling me that my computer is protected due to Windows Live One Care.  However, since Windows Live One Care should now be de-activated,  McAfee indicates that that its software should now take over with its security systems.  I don't think it has, and still indicates that Windows Live One Care continues to be operational.

    Is this a problem for Windows Live One Care or for McAfee? 
    How do I get rid of Windows Live One Care so I can get it out of the way to enable McAfee can do its job? 
    Why did Microsoft make this process so difficult?  Especially if somewone like me attempts to tell you I do not want your Windows Live One Care services?  It certainly feels as though you are attempting to co-opt a customer decision!

    Thank you.

    Jerry Colness 
    Sunday, August 2, 2009 8:09 PM


  • Programs do not uninstall themselves, you have to uninstall them. To uninstall One Care open Control Panel>add/remove programs ( Programs and features in Vista) scroll down to Windows Live One Care and select "Uninstall". This is the same method you would use to uninstall any program from your computer. For future reference, you should never have more than one antivirus program installed on your computer as they will conflict, cause performance issues and usually neither one will work correctly. Good luck.
    Jim - MVP Windows Live - Forum Moderator - Live One Care - Live Mesh - Microsoft Security Essentials
    Sunday, August 2, 2009 8:45 PM