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  • I want to build a Dynamic Bayes Network.

    I am completly new to probalistic progamming, factor graphs and simulation. I came up with a small scenario with cats and mice.
    The cats and mice have a certain birthrate and deathrate, but also cats eat the mice. I came up with something close to a factor
    graph that I implemented with the Infer.Net modeling API. You can see an Image of it here  (Its in german :D).

    Now I want to know how many cats I need so that the mice population is stable. For that I to continously see the populaiton change of both.
    Currently I just have a uggly version of this and I am also not quite sure if the model that I build is build the infer.net way.

    You can find all my code in this repository: https://github.com/SebastianKapunkt/urban-garden-mouse-cats

    In the file RunCarAndMouseModel.cs is all the code that will run the Model and the value I came up by researching the internet (my expoert knowgled of this case :D).
    In the other files is the code to create the model with its rules.

    Some more question I have:
    - How can I continously observe the population change?
    - Why is the model build like 10 times when I run the inference to get the new population?
    - How do I prevent in my case the warning "has quality band Experimental which is less than the recommended quality band"
    Thursday, January 17, 2019 3:25 PM


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