Advised to use SyncToy to "back-up" itunes library, can I use a USB Flash drive for the location of "Right Folder"? RRS feed

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  • Since Windows Vista 32 bit decided it didn't recognise my iPod and threw up a "Code 21" error, I've been advised to re-install iTunes.

    Before doing so, I was advised to install and use SyncToy for back-up purposes, in case all goes "Mammaries Aloft"!

    My question is can I use a suitably sized USB Flash drive as the location for the "Right Folder" which can be removed once SyncToy is closed?

    Reason I ask is because of this statement under "Installation Instructions" on the download page:-

    - The SyncToy application will stop working if any of the dependent components are uninstalled, which can be fixed by re-running the full install package on the target machine.

    Hope I'm in the right place for some help, apologies if not!

    Wednesday, March 23, 2016 12:30 PM