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  •            We cataloged similar questions from users about name disambiguation, encouraging users to edit profiles themselves. Please follow operations below if you have same problems. Any questions or confusions, please feel free to contact us or email us.

    ·     "My publications are listed under another author who shares the same name (or similar name) with me, but I don’t have my own account on Microsoft Academic Search."

              When you meet this kind of situation, we strongly suggest you NOT to change information of the author, in case of compromising the original valid profile. Please contact us or email us, offering your information, including your own homepage, so that we can create a new account with fully info for you. In our future releases, users may be allowed to create new accounts for themselves.

    ·     "I've already had an account on Microsoft Academic Search, but some of my publications are under another author's profile."

              When you meet this kind of problems, please try to use "edit publication list" function provided by our system. Open the page of the author (A) to whom you want to move those papers, click "edit" button right to author's name, find and click "edit publication list" button on the left side bar. Find "search an author" column in the pending paper list; enter the name of the author (B) from whom you want to move out papers. Publications under author B's profile will be shown in the pending list. Choose papers you want to move to author A by "√" the check box, and then submit your request after viewing all papers under author B. Your request will be reviewed and verified by our system before new data online.

    ·     "I have two entries on Microsoft Academic Search, and I’m sure that all publications under these entries belong to me."

               When you face this kind of questions, please try to use “merge author” function provided by our system. Open the page of the author (A) whom you want to remain in the system, click “merge author” button (you can find “merge author” button right up to “edit publication list” button), choose the author (B) whom you want to merge to author A, and then submit the request. Your request will be reviewed and verified by our system before new data online. Please pay attention to the order of authors, by following the operations above, only author A’s profile will be remained. Author B will be merged to author A, and will not exist independently in the system anymore.

    Microsoft Academic Search Team

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  • We do need a "researcher ID number":

    Really there is a HUGE problem when trying to find and/or identify a researcher in your Data Base: the way its name is written, the coincidence of same names among different people or different names for the same people.
    (See 'why' in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Name)

    My request is to define or use some kind of easy-to-use "RESEARCHER ID NUMBER". This will help a lot the usability and importance of Academic Search Data Base, compared with other similar tools.

    My proposition is to use a simple code, like: [Country-of-origin]+[unique-number].

    The unique number can be as simple as the date of birth. An example: 34-19811021, can be the ID of a Spanish researcher (34, phone country code for Spain) born the 21st of october of 1981.

    In case of coincidence of two ID's, an aditional figure can be added then. The case of new or former countries can be easily solved (if needed). So the search for a specific author can be dramatically fast and accurate.

    An example: Albert Einstein could have, then, the ID=49-18790314.

    ** Now I will try to explain my direct motivations.
    I have been trying to locate myself and my colleagues in MS Academic Search tool. Hard work.

    First case: SAME NAMES, DIFFERENT PEOPLE. One of my colleagues is 'Manuel Mazo'. But his son is also 'Manuel Mazo' and he is been doing some research too. Both authors ARE MERGED. How can we split them again if both have got exactly the same name in publications?

    Second case: SAME PEOPLE, DIFFERENT NAMES. I will use 'myself' for such a 'critical case', as you will see. First of all, in Spain we usually have two 'first names' and we also keep two names (father and mother). So, my 'first name' is "Juan Carlos" (two words) and my 'name' is "Garcia Garcia" (again two words, but different!!! - father=Garcia, mother=Garcia). This is a mesh when publishing. Let's see different versions of 'myself':
     Juan C. Garcia
     Juan C. García (with Spanish accent!)
     J. Carlos Garcia
     Juan Carlos Garcia
     J.C. Garcia Garcia...
     ...and many others!
    And the WORST thing is that Juan García in Spanish is like 'John Smith' in English (try a search by name with this!) So there are many other researchers (not only in Spain) with my name!

    About Spanish names (in Spain and America), try:

    Sunday, August 21, 2011 11:58 AM
  • I am having this second problem (I have an account but many of my papers are listed under other authors with similar name). I found no way to move over papers as described. Particularly when I edit publications I cannot find a "search an author" column.....
    Saturday, December 31, 2011 4:27 PM