I hear video playing on my PC, yet nothing is open!


  • I don't know how this started or what happened.  But Sometime last month I started to hear strange voices coming from my PC.  At first I thought it was a pop up window telling me I won a free IPOD or a YouTube running.  But after closing down everything the sound played on.  Nothing was open to prompt the sound playback.  Just now I was listening to the Colber Report on my PC about terrorism and finally it just died out, I don't know how it opened or closed in the first place?  I don't even know how it was prompt in the first place.

    To simplify:
    1. Strange sound stream playing on my PC, nothing on my PC was open at all: No Windows player, No YouTube, nothing.
    2. The sound seems to play on at random and end on its own.
    3. What is causing this and how can I remove it?
    Monday, June 01, 2009 6:44 PM

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