How to make "directory synced" account take over for old "in cloud" account? RRS feed

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  • I just ran the dirsync tool and synced a single user (by putting them in a test OU and syncing just that OU). Now I have two users that correspond to one person. The "in cloud" user has an active CRM license and the "directory synced" user does not. Both accounts correspond to the same (imaginary) person. I have no available CRM licenses.

    The "in cloud" email address is typical: <user>@<custom>.onmicrosoft.com

    The "directory synced" email address only matches on <user>: <user>@<companyname>.com

    I thought maybe SMTP matching would handle this but I'm really not sure about that after reading up on it. How do I go about making the new directory synced account take over for the existing in cloud account?

    Thursday, April 3, 2014 3:52 PM