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  • Hi to all,


    I can see from the many listings on the forum that MSN has a big problem.


    Up to a few months ago my internet based company www.rollsroycecarparts.co.uk was the first website listed if you searched for  rolls royce car parts, and 7th if you entered rolls royce.  Now its not indexed at all.


    With several emails to msn they have came back to me saying that the site is not blocked and to try and get a better ranking on the site(how can i better first!! ),also if i needed anymore help email them again or try this forum.(but from reading the forum, there still seems to be no answers)


    My problem is that I got 80% of my business through MSN and for the past few months there has been no orders, (so no income) as im not listed. Going through all the thing they have said like indexing, links, tags  do on, we think thay are all right and dont know how to get back on exept pay per click, but we are only a small company and that is not a valid option.


    Has anyone any ideas, anything would help.


    Thank you.



    Tuesday, December 18, 2007 9:41 AM


  • RRCP,


    So the basic answer is this:  When we update the index, previous relevance rankings are revised. Therefore, you may notice a shift in your website’s ranking as new sites are added and others become obsolete.


    Although you can't directly change your website’s ranking, you can optimize its design and technical implementation to enable appropriate ranking by most search engines. You can read more about improving your website's ranking, see Guidelines for successful indexing.








    Tuesday, December 18, 2007 6:26 PM