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  • I am most displeased.  I bought Microsoft Word 2007 in good faith.  I just bought a new laptop, now it is 2014 and you tell me I  can't use it because it is too old.  I talked to a person on the Microsoft Help Line and his response to me was "all you have to do is pay $119.00 and you can have version 2013." Well I was not pleased by his response, I am disabled and I just spend several 100's of dollars to buy their product in the first place and I sure as hell can't afford another $200.00 just for Word.  I could have bought a bootlegged copy, but I did not.  I spend my hard earned money to teach my kids that we do not steal software, however if I did steal it, I would have word with no problem.  I am not happy and I hope you can help me.  I am not asking for any free, I am just asking for what I bought.

    Signed a very unhappy Microsoft customer

    Steve Snider [email address redacted for privacy]


    Sunday, March 30, 2014 4:27 PM