cannot open version 661 because server supports 612 & earlier


  • I am getting this error on a win7 computer after installing VS2010, and sql server express(2008 R2) managment studio says it is already sql server express

    2008 R2.

    I get the error when trying to run a winforms application that was created in VS2008 and also when trying to attatch to a database file in sql server 2008 R2 managment studio. Thats why I don't understand how it can still be 612. SQL Servers instance name is the same as before "SQLEXPRESS"

    How can I fix this in the C# winforms app and in the managment studio?

    TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
    Attach database failed for Server 'JONS-PC\SQLEXPRESS'. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)
    For help, click:
    An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo)
    The database 'C:\PROGRAM FILES\FARRIERS BASIC 8\FBASIC8.MDF' cannot be opened because it is version 661. This server supports version 612 and earlier. A downgrade path is not supported.
    Could not open new database 'C:\PROGRAM FILES\FARRIERS BASIC 8\FBASIC8.MDF'. CREATE DATABASE is aborted. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 948)
    For help, click:
    Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio						10.50.1600.1
    Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)						6.1.7600.16385
    Microsoft MSXML						3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 
    Microsoft Internet Explorer						8.0.7600.16385
    Microsoft .NET Framework						2.0.50727.4952
    Operating System						6.1.7600
    OK ------------------------------

    Here is my information from sql express managment studio

    Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio      10.50.1600.1
    Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)      6.1.7600.16385
    Microsoft MSXML      3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0
    Microsoft Internet Explorer      8.0.7600.16385
    Microsoft .NET Framework      2.0.50727.4952
    Operating System      6.1.7600


    Thanks Jon

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