Need help with the OFX Settings for PocketSense for SEARS CARD RRS feed

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  • I decided to download Money Sunset and go with the PocketSense. I have Chase, Citibank, my Credit Union and Discover working great. But I can't figure out the SEARS CARD settings to use. I go to accountsonline.org to login to get my Sears downloads.

    I found the following info and put it into my Sites.dat file and it will download, but says I have the wrong account ID, which I don't. So, I could use some help with this and I'm not sure the best forum to post to about this.  CAL... it looks like you have helped some people with their accounts and so maybe you could help me with this? Or any one who is having luck with getting the SEARS cards to download.

    Here is what I have as my settings:

        SiteName   : SEARS
        AcctType   : CCSTMT
        fiorg      : Citigroup
        fid        : 26810
        url        : https://secureofx.bankhost.com/tuxofx/cgi-bin/cgi_chip
        bankid     :
        brokerid   :
        appid      : 

    appver     : 

    Thanks... Sharon

    Sunday, January 16, 2011 2:56 AM

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  • I don't user PocketSense directly but I can confirm that I can get OFX response for my Sears Card at that URL. Value for my ACCTID is 16-digit number. 

    Just for reference, my OFX connection settings (mapping to what I think are the corresponding keys for sites.dat)

    fiorg      : CITIGROUP

    fid        : 26810

    url        : https://secureofx.bankhost.com/tuxofx/cgi-bin/cgi_chip

    appid: QWIN

    appver: 1900

    mininterval: 30

    Friday, January 28, 2011 12:05 PM