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    I stuckked to strange problem with clocktimes in CRM 4.0. Maybe its related to timezones but I cant figure it out. My clients CRM shows clock times 3 hours less than the time actually is. For example if my client creates a new Case at 16:05, the Created On time in the Case Form will be 13:05. But if I take a connection to this CRM over Internet with my own laptop, I see the time correct (16:05). We both have same Time Zone settings in our workstations and CRM:s personal settings and the clocks are in same time. Why they see times differently in their own workstations than I see in my laptop over Internet?

    We found that this is somehow related with User account. When customers own people are logged in they see times wrong. When our people logs in with our External user account (with same workstation), we see times correct. So what could be differen between user accounts?

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  • Found the answer my self. I checked the timezone settings from the database (from table dbo.SystemUserBase) and found that our Users have different timezone setting than customers own Users. You cannot see that anywhere form OutlookClient. You can see it from CRM IE but only if You haven't opened Outlook first. I didn't know that so I didnt see the wrong timezones of Users from CRM IE either. 

    But when I first shut down Outlook and then looked Personal Options from CRM IE, I saw the wrong TimeZone setting of User an can then change it to right one.

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