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  • I recently created a new computer at home that was previously joined to a domain.  I departed that domain and then set my computer into the "Home" workgroup.  Rebooted, then installed the Home Server client software, put in the server password and then rebooted again.

    I tried to access the folders for the user I was logged into on my PC which matches the account on the home server.

    My problem is this, I it often creaps up if something goes haywire on the client.  I am unable to put in credentials to authenticate to the home server folders/shares.

    I'm running Win7 Ultimate, when I put in the credentials the I put in user name and password, then auth fails then the PC puts the computer name in front of the name "Thegreatpumpkin\sugo" I tried that, didn't work, I tried Homecentral\sugo + pwd and it fails.

    What is the log in nominclature? I don't think that there is a domain necessarily to log into, or how can I get the homeserver creds to just do Sugo + password?

    Any help will reduce my frustration with Home Server greatly.


    Wednesday, April 14, 2010 4:39 AM

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