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  • I have tried every possible variation of adding a newline into an HTML button.  The browser developer view shows that either Bootstrap or another js library replaces whatever I'm trying with the safer <br/> options.

    I do not want to use CSS, I am simply wanting to create a row of buttons on a page with lines extracted from a database and assembled into a set of rows on the button.

    It's driving me mad since I can't figure out what the right request should be.

    I am sure that this must be a simple issue - getting to code rows of data to appear on a button.  

    The data comes from a controller like this:
    public ActionResult ListInstallers()
                List<InstallerModel> varInstaller = new List<InstallerModel>();
                varInstaller.Add(new InstallerModel { InstallerFullName = "Norbet",  Suburb= "Bellville (3) <br/> Belhar (2)..." });      // Attempt#1
                varInstaller.Add(new InstallerModel { InstallerFullName = "Jacque",  Suburb = "Bellville (3) &#013; Belhar (2)..." });  // Attempt#2
                varInstaller.Add(new InstallerModel { InstallerFullName = "Peter",Suburb = "Bellville (3) \r\n Belhar (2)..." });         // Attempt#3
                varInstaller.Add(new InstallerModel { InstallerFullName = "Thando", Suburb = "Bellville (3) &#010; Belhar (2)..." });// Attempt#4
                return View(varInstaller);

    This is then pushed into a cshtml page in the following loop:
     @foreach (var item in Model) {
        <tr> <td>@item.InstallerFullName</td>
            @for (var i = 1; i < 7; i++)
                    <button class="dbBtn" type="button" style="height:150px; width:150px" >@item.Suburb</button>

    This is however consistenly translated by the MVC, BOOTSTRAP, JQuery environment into elements where the newline code is replaced with  &lt;br/&gt; 

    I can understand what it is doing, but cannot figure out where or how to tell is to just use the Char(13) and not replace it with the "safer" code.

    Can you help me understand this please?

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