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  • My Windows Live account was recently hacked and I asked if there was a solution to fixing this problem. I was then contacted by a Gentelman named Andy who then transfered Me to an autmated person named Deborah who took over control of my computer, then was told if I paidI I believe $149.00 I could have a one time fix or for $250.00 I could have 1 year guaranteed. I responded that I could not afford that amount as I was retired on disability pension. I wrote another letter thinking I was corresponding with Windows again to find I was talking to Andy again who again transfered me to another automated person with the same results. I asked Andy which company I was talking to and He said they are called Help and support PC who are hired by Microsoft to resolve problems. I then got His ID # and phone number 503-500-5888 and found out He is from El Salvadore. He also asked Me who the people were that I use as My screen saver. I was shocked that He would ask such a question and feel He has invaded my privacy.

    Also, just after my first contact with Andy my computer got many viruses which I since sent for repairs. I  had Bit Defender, AVG and C Cleaner installed on this computer and wonder how this happened in the first place.

    My question really is if they could fix the problem right away why would there be a charge. I also had to open another email address so they could correspond with Me. My other question would be why would Microsoft outsource out of Country when there are so many people unemployed in the United States and Canada. I have since opened another email address with another company.


    Friday, January 6, 2012 5:53 PM