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  • At the moment the only way for a  Moderator to see Abusive posts is to enter a forum; click on Abusive Posts; see there are none and go off to repeat by clicking the next forum etc. A massive loop.

    Given that there are over ten forums I moderate (and the MS Moderators don't seem to include a process of reviewing posts marked as Abusive) this is far too much effort and leads to a situation where when you do check abusive posts after say six months there are some that have been marked that way for most of that time.

    If however you check on a weekly basis the chances are that there are no Abusive posts in any of the (say) 12 forums and you have just wasted a lot of time for nothing.

    The solution is easy. There is a "My Forums" selection. When that is selected there should be a drop-down for Abusive posts that lists them for all of the forums in that list.

    I don't mind seeing no Abusive posts listed when I check a single location. It's having to check more than twelve locations that irritates.

    (Note: the first time I did this there was no problem because as I hadn't checked for months (and neither had anyone else!) there were usually at least one or two posts in each forum that were marked as Abusive. (Usually without justification))

    Mike Walsh

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    Somebody should do something about that function.

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    Sunday, March 21, 2010 11:42 AM

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