Differnce between rxgain and rxpa RRS feed

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  • Hi!! In dot11config.exe in manual, there are "rxpa" and "rxgain". I found that SORA device is very sensitive and we should set this rx related values very carefully. I usually play with "rxgain" value. I usually set "rxpa" to 0. However, I want to know the exact meaning of this two configuration parameters. In the previous articles in this forum, I found the answer "gain = rxpa + rxgain (in db)". Then, why are two values used for setting gain? Could you explain the difference between two configuration paramters?

    In addition, would you give a guideline for optimal rx-related configuration paramters on my device? (not brute force method.) Thanks.

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011 2:15 AM


  • Hi Jaeims,

    rxpa and rxgain are two power amplifiers in the same rx chain. They are like coarse setting and fine setting of the total gain on rx chain.

    The valid values are

    rxpa: 0x0 = 0x1000; 0x2000; 0x3000

    rxgain: 0x0; 0x200; 0x400; ...; 0x3E00

    the unit of rxpa and rxgain is 1/256 dB.



    Monday, June 20, 2011 1:54 AM