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  • OK, this is an odd problem, and I don't see anyone else having it. So it must be me. :)

    I'm writing in WLW (latest version, running XP, Wordpress blog). I paste in a paragraph, then hit Tab to turn it into a blockquote. No problem. My blockquotes are formatted in CSS to be indented, gray, and with a light border-left.

    Then I go to the end of the post, which is at the end of the blockquote. I hit Enter, which creates a new paragraph that's still blockquoted. No problem.

    I then hit Shft-Tab, which un-blockquotes that paragraph -- the indent disappears, as does the border-left. But when I begin typing the gray color remains !

    On another blog I post to, indents are italicized and indented. In that case, the indent disappears, but the italics remain.

    The only way to fix this behavior is to make sure there's an empty line below anything I want to blockquote, or to manually fix the offending text.

    When I view it as source, I see something like:

    <p>This isn't indented.</p>
    <blockquote> <p>Now is the time. This is blockquoted.</p> </blockquote> <p><font color="#666666">This shouldn’t be.</font></p>
    I have no idea where the font color code comes from -- I don't use the font tag in my HTML (it being depreciated and all).

    To make it whackier, it only happens on blogs where the blockquote tag has been formatted with a font change (color, italic, whatever). If only the blockquote tag's position has been changed in the blog's template, there's no problem.

    Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong, or what I should look for on the blog's stylesheet? Many thanks!
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  • Can't help you directly, but I get the same type issue when I use DIV tags.

    This is at least worth a smile. ;)


    Monday, October 5, 2009 8:33 PM