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  • I am happy to announce that we finally put together the latest eMIPS bits into a signed MSI, with sources and bitfiles for the XUP board.


    The download proper is at http://research.microsoft.com/research/downloads/details/398693dc-880a-4489-93ab-f37f54c14b6c/details.aspx.


    This release is a huge step forward from the previous one, with too many changes to list. Stuff in the release is:

    ·        Complete sources for the processor.

    ·        Pre-built bits for the XUP board, including

    o   Base bitfiles, some with test extensions preloaded

    o   Partial bitfiles for two test extensions

    ·        Test suite with sources and cover programs, to validate people’s own builds of the processor.

    o   Includes example toy programs, multi-threading, and tests for various features.

    ·        Manuals with instructions for building and testing the system.


    There are also many things missing, as we put it together a bit hastily before Neil went into parental leave.

    We fixed as many bugs as possible, but many things are still .. in-progress. Better this than never, right? J 


    Known bugs and limitations:

    ·        The Xilinx XUP is the only tested platform. The code for ML40x and BEE3 is there, but.. well…

    ·        Only one slot per core. Try more at your own risk.

    ·        Only the single-core configuration is present. Multi-core is still to be merged.

    ·        Only hardware test programs for software. The RTOS bits from the previous release *might* work but.. well…

    ·        NetBSD sources not included. Stay tuned ;-)) J 

    ·        The Sheldon report on how to build, test, and use NetBSD on eMIPS is still being worked on.

    ·        Manual has been updated only partially.

    ·        The NIC is still a bit flakey under NetBSD.. might be software.

    ·        The ICAP only works for transfers of 16KB or less.

    ·        Perf test for the ICAP did not make into the MSI.. ask me if you want it. (* spoiler below)

    ·        You need Xilinx ISE v12.x plus the PR addendum to build the processor.

    ·        You should fetch GCC (for regular MIPS) separately. Both the 4.2 built under Windows and the one in NetBSD will work fine.

    ·        You should fetch the RTOS separately, search for the “Microsoft Invisible Computing” download.

    ·        The Giano simulator release needs an update to simulate this version properly. Stay tuned.. J 


    We’ll probably post an updated version once we have enough of the above bugs fixed.


    Send feedback to me and kudos to Neil J 











    Spoiler: [the answer is > 210 MBps J]




    There are updates available for all of eMIPS, Giano, and the long promised NetBSD.

    The NetBSD installation CD with the scheduler, full sources, tools, man pages.. is at



    Look at the project page for the update to eMIPS with critical bug fixes, simulation instructions, and a huge, polished user manual.



    Same for the update to the Giano simulator with bug fixes, improved basic block profiling, and a new flashy demo

    Also in there the Sheldon technical report on the scheduler with evaluation and instructions for NetBSD+eMIPS.





    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 4:52 PM