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  • Hi, I am working on project where I need to sync data from windows phone 7 to the Windows Azure tables(table storage) and from windows Azure tables to phone. It will be  a bi directional sync since data can be changed on phone and data in azure tables can be changed from some other platforms (web or desktop). I heard about sync framework and thought it is perfect for my solution. But disappointed to find out that it does not support for Azure table storage. I am deciding to use sync service(OData+Sync) option but it seems it only support SQL Azure. What i need to know is , Is it possible to customize this sync service for Azure tables and how much effort( which part of code i need to customize) it will require.

    Also is there any option to write custom provider which work for both server and client.

    I am newbie in the sync world and does not know much about what to do and how to do. So please help me to find the right path


    Saturday, March 26, 2011 3:40 PM


  • Currently Sync team does not have good support for your scenario. At this point, the Sync team is mainly focused on supporting SQL Azure for data server for different Sync scenarios. Though it's possible to use the current Sync Framework SDK knowledge provider to build a Win Phone 7 to Azure table storage sync solution, it will take too much effort for you.


    Monday, March 28, 2011 7:56 PM