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  • Folks,

    The scenario I am working currently is as follows:

    I have an ActiveX Control written with VB6 named ABC.OCX, and I want to use a .net class to carry out some tasks that the activeX control needs. So I have written a .net Assembly named MyDotNetAssembly that contains the class MyDotNetClass with it's interface IMyClassInterface. after than, I have checked the build option "Register for COM interop" and used this assembly as a reference assembly form my ActiveX vb project. Than I have created the internet-style CAB file using the "Setup and deployment wizard" of VB6, and the generated output directory contains a sample HTML file that hosts the ActiveX and when I run this HTML form browser it works!!.

    I have then used the ActiveX control inside my ASP.net application's page (using the regular object tag inside html) and it works fine onto the development box.

    So far so good.

    Now, as soon as I try to access that page from outside of Development box, it doesn't render the activeX control at all. No error.....nothing!!! During the first hit, it asked me to install the active X, and I have installed that nice. I have made the web site as a trusted site in my VISTA machine. but it doesn't render anything for that activeX neither shows any errors..?

    Can anyone guess anything..? I would greatly appreciate any helps.
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    Monday, March 16, 2009 12:00 PM