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  • I asked this question in the "vail" forum, and have an update:

    --I can't connect to my main pc at home running Win7 ult. I have been able to connect many times and now I get the error, "the 2 computers couldn't connect in the time allowed..." I removed the pc from the server, even did a clean install last night of Win7, installed all of the windows updates, verified the video card has the latest driver.--

    I have scheduled a reboot on the server daily through task scheduler to ensure all RDP session are closed.

    I do find it odd that I have had vail for most of last year, and installed 2011 a couple months ago and never had any issues connecting to my home pc from work.. until the last few weeks after performing windows updates..

    Now that i have all sessions closed, I can connect. But now when I try to access the local computer AFTER a RDP session the mouse is unresponsive and I have to manually reboot (hard kill) the pc??

    Friday, June 10, 2011 12:46 PM