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    Here is what I want from WHS;


    I want it to be the brain for my NAS, home computers, Xbox, cell phone, and any other media device that can connect to the network. It sounds like it will handle most of what I need but it doesn't really support the mobile life style. For example,

    • I ride the train to and from work everyday for one hour and I own a Cingular 8525.
    • I should be able to set up a download queue for my phone device in WHS.
    • If I have converted all of my DVD's to WMV, then I can send my movies to the download queue
    • From there my queue needs to have the options of how many movies to sync up at one time
    • Then I can use the download queue like netflix. Every time I come into range with my wifi enabled cell phone, WHS will check how many movies I have in my cell phone and then send me updates from there. If I have watched a movie on my commute to and from work I delete it on my cell phone. When I come home WHS see that I have deleted a movie it has sent to me and assumes that I have watched it. Then WHS would send me the next movie in line and annotate that I have watched said named movie. All this is done with out me having to touch a button.

    This doesn't only apply to movies but for everything. My zune library is stored on WHS and while at work I bought and downloaded 4 cd's. When I come home WHS detects my zune, syncs the libraries and transfers the new cd's to my zune.


    If I take the family on vacation there should be an application that lets me assign all of the travel media I might need. The chick flix on the wife's Zune, Dora and Sponge Bob on the kids archos 704, Die Hard 1,2,3 and heavy metal music on my 8525. Once I gather all the devices and turn them on WHS will push what I have assigned to each device.

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007 8:02 PM

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    what you are saying sounds like an improved version of allwaysync.com 's product allway sync.  It has a way to monitor folders and automatically send files/folders to other computers or drives once either folder is updated.   


    The biggest issue would be whs "assuming" you had watched the movie and send you another.  I guess you would program it in to send another movie from folder x if z is blank. 


    yea, all sync works like the vacation idea you had.... I use a treo through and sync my folders, with the treo folders on the computer, then sync the treo with the computer.... at the same time I sync my laptop with the desktop... works great...


    all sync works much better than sync toy since it also syncs folders (and deletes them as well). 


    You have a good idea though... with the automation...

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007 10:33 PM