SyncError Dependency Issue after applying December 2016 upgrade to Dynamics CRM 365 RRS feed

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  • Background

    We are currently preparing the upgrade of a customer from Dynamics CRM 4 to Dynamics CRM 365 (on premise). This involves upgrading a large Database with over 80 custom entities. We are migrating the production database by iteratively upgrading it to all intermediate versions of dynamics CRM (by importing the database to the respective SQL server and then importing the database into a new CRM organization). Once the organization is available in dynamics 365 we import an initial managed solution containing all customizations in order to be able to manage our customizations in production.

    Key point

    The migration procedure will involve removing quite a few legacy and now deprecated and redundant entities from the existing customizations.


    For the migration time we are preparing a series of managed solutions in our development environment, which was upgraded to Dynamics 2016 before we applied the December 2016 update. These solutions must be applied to the production environment during migration to make the planed migration to proceed in production in a minimal amount of time. One of the managed solutions is designated to delete legacy custom entities.

    The issue

    Since we installed the December 2016 update (8.2.0000.0749) in our development and test environment we are having issues when simulating the upgrade process on the production environment. Starting with this update it is not possible to apply solution upgrades imported in a new managed solution version that will delete custom entities from the system that have been in the organization prior to the upgrade.

    Errory after trying to apply solution upgrade

    The list of details displayed when clicking on Details is empty.


    A very similar issue, which is assumed to have the same cause

    Technically the same issue arises in a development organization that is upgraded to CRM 365 after applying the December 2016 upgrade, i.e. by importing the organization's CRM 2015 database into a new organization in dynamics CRM 365 using the deployment manager.  Deleting one of the custom entities after the upgrade fails. Error message:

    Delete custom entity error

    But error details are not empty here, but show:

    Delete dependency listManually removing the relationship to the SyncErrors entity resolves the issue and it is possible to delete the custom entity.

    I believe  this is a CRM issue, since the relationship to the Sync Error entity should not be blocking the deletion of a custom entity. It is a relationship that is implicitly added to any custom entity.


    If I only were removing a single entity at one point of the migration process, it would be possible to delete the 1-n relationship of the custom entity to the Sync Error entity, but due to a whole list of necessary deletions during the migration of our large database this is not an option.

    We need another solution to resolve this issue.

    Database Script?

    By comparing an upgraded database that was upgraded before the December 2016 upgrade was installed to a database that was upgraded after the upgrade was installed, I have come up with a script that deletes entries in the DependencyBase and DependencyNodeBase tables. This is definitely not a supported route for the migration process. Since this will be performed on a customer's production database, we think it is necessary to have a supported solution from Microsoft for this issue.

    Wednesday, March 15, 2017 8:07 AM