Blink Cliplet quality issues. RRS feed

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  • Ok after 4 hours with Microsoft support getting this to run I had to go back to My Mac and use flixel.

    The quality with images converted with Blink Cliplet Is useless, you can say all you like about gif not streaming right ect, but there is no reason why you cant have Highs quality mpegs or higher.

    it’s quite frustrating really as this software has some great perceptual, it is free unlike Flexel  and both programs perform the same more or less, but flexel converts upto 4k meaning I have to use the mac if I want to make good quality cinemographs, on a professional level, what’s the chance of updating this?

    This is not meant to be a dig or to sell a feature on the mac in fact I don’t like Mac I can not stand Apple and there corrupt ways of trading, I.e. slowing down the chips on older Phones laptops, then stopping support, My Mac Book Pro was free so I may as well use it, I would love to see Microsoft jump al;l over there heads, at least Bill gates funds charities’ bought us all the The Codex Leicester (famous scientific writings by Leonardo da Vinci) I want to see this software topple the Mac aquivilent.

    Thursday, July 21, 2016 12:30 AM